Betting Rules

Rules are accepted when Matrixbet account is opened via web and mobile devices, the existing Matrixbet accounts are used, bets are made, or any casino or live casino games are used, bonus programs are used and other transactions on the site are made.

Bets on the bet amount determined by Matrixbet are deemed valid.

Matrixbet members can place bets immediately after depositing funds into their Matrixbet accounts.

Only bets via internet are accepted at Matrixbet. Bets delivered via e-mail or Live Help are not considered valid.

The minimum wager in a match at Matrixbet is 1 TRY or equivalent currency.

The lowest and highest betting odds of all sports events are determined by Matrixbet betting experts and can be changed without any written notice.

Matrixbet betting experts may occasionally introduce certain restrictions to Matrixbet accounts without prior notice.

If one or more Matrixbet members are found to be betting identically, the respective bets will be void. In the event of one or more vouchers with the same betting options for an event, the respective bets will be void and the relevant Matrixbet accounts will be frozen or closed. This rule covers all vouchers that have been concluded or not.

If winnings at Matrixbet accounts are won, the winnings of the respective bets are credited to the members accounts after the official results have been announced.

Matrixbet may refuse or cancel a bet or part of a betting slip without showing a reason, before the start of the match.

Bets at Matrixbet are accepted according to the start time of the events. In the event that a match begins after the start time specified in a coupon is accepted inadvertently, the respective bet is treated as a non-runner.

At Matrixbet, multiple bets with different bets are not accepted. If bets on a coupon of different bets on the same match are inadvertently accepted, then the respective bets will be void.

If there are not enough funds in the account, the betting is cancelled. In the event that there is insufficient balance in the account due to the cancellation of the deposit to the Matrixbet account, any bets placed in advance can be cancelled by Matrixbet.

Matrixbet is not responsible for any material loss caused by typing errors and bets will be refunded when such a situation is encountered.

After placing bets, Matrixbet accepts no liability for loss or loss due to communication errors or any delay, interruption, content error, incorrect data, data loss and other technical reasons that may occur on the site.

All necessary studies are carried out for the accuracy of the information published at Matrixbet. However, Matrixbet is not responsible for any confusion about any activity on the site due to the wrong information (match result, match time, etc.). All necessary information on the subject is available in the Betting Rules.

Matrixbet is doing all the necessary work for the accuracy of all information provided in the live betting area and the information given due to some delays may be inaccurate. In such cases, the relevant betting requirements are given in the Betting Rules. Information such as live betting rates on site, starting hours of encounters is for information only. Matrixbet cannot be held responsible for any misleading information.

The bets on the system are accepted by Matrixbet as soon as the bets are confirmed and the subsequent bets will be based on the time the bets were accepted to the system. All bets that have been accepted in Matrixbet are in the field. There may be delays in the bets placed from time to time in the Bet History field.

Matrixbet account holder is responsible for the bet. Bets cannot be cancelled in any way after they have been approved and accepted by the system. Matrixbet is not responsible for "double" and "loser" bets made by members. Members are obliged to check their bets before approving.

In the event of an error occurring before, during or after the match, the respective bets will be void. Uncompleted bets will be settled on the amount determined by Matrixbet.

If any event is cancelled, all bets will be automatically refunded.

Matrixbet can reject a bet without showing any reason, and may block or temporarily freeze the Matrixbet members accounts without prior notice.

In order to prevent fraud, more than one member is not eligible to bet on the same IP address (same computer or local network). In such cases, Matrixbet has the right to close the accounts of its members temporarily and to request the necessary documents to verify the identity of the account holders.

The earnings from Matrixbet are only paid based on the maximum amount determined by Matrixbet. If the bet amount exceeds the maximum limit, the amount exceeding the maximum limit is not paid.

Matrixbet account holders can object to the start time of a match, a link to the official organizing event or an official document. If the official organizing event does not provide any information about the start time of the match, the respective bets will be calculated according to the start time given in the Matrixbet.